Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year!

I have missed you so much but I had a lot on my mind.... and was too scatter brained to get anything done on either of my blogs. One thing that I did get done was choosing a word for this year. I thought and prayed on it for a few weeks. My One Word 365:


I would like to devote myself to all things worthy. God, my family, my friends and my health. And being greedy I am going to play with that word and make it Devoted, Devotion and Devotional ;-) I hope that is legal.

Like I said... this had been on my mind a lot. When God gave this word to me it was like a light went on! It fits right in my life!

I have found that I have a hard time concentrating for long. This is new so I am pretty stumped. Bible studies just do not work for me. Without even realizing what I was doing I have started buying Daily Devotionals. I think I am up to at least four now! No matter where I sit down? There is a devotional to pick up and read! So much easier for me! 

My Year!

God's Little Devotional Book For Women. I bought this one at Good Will sometime back and I hope it blessed the one who owned it before me as much as it is blessing me!

I was in a fall group at (in)courage and was introduced to it there. I fell in love as soon as I opened the book! Sarah Young explains things (in her view) and it really does help me understand.

This delightful one has been around for over 70 years. Still as fresh today as it was on day one. I can't wait... I read ahead sometimes!

I have been wanting to read this one and just got it the other day! For FREE! I review books for Tyndale Publishing. I review their books and earn points. Then when I have enough points I get to turn them in for a book! Visit Tyndale Blog Network and Tyndale Rewards  I love the Psalms and it was with great JOY when I got to order it! :-)

Speaking of Devotionals and Reviews... I am soon going to be doing a review of this book and then sending it to my Granddaughter. Mom and Dad will have to read it to her this year but in the next few years she will be able to read it to her little twin sisters. So this book will get lots of use! It is adorable and awesome at the same time!

Oh my goodness! I just realized while typing the above I gave a devotional as a Christmas gift as well. My daughter~in~love is a dedicated runner. I picked this out for her so she would have something to think about while she runs hither and yon :-)

It has places so you can keep track of how far you have ran and all sorts of things in it!

So you see.... I really meant it when I said I had started buying devotionals. And rest assured... they will be read. Over and over again. I never thought that being devoted would mean so very much to me.

What is your OneWord365??


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