My Wanderings & Finds UPDATED 11/22

While wandering the Internet I find a lot of helpful things. I always mean to share them in my posts but, as my mom would say, I have a mind like a duck. I  never understood that. I do like ducks. 

I have decided to start a page just for my finds. When I find it I will post it  here... just takes a minute and we won't have to worry about feeding that darn duck :-)

 i believe is an awesome site!
Discovered 11/1
Lots of fun stuff on this site and send an ecard too!


 Christian Products (Books!)
When you sign up through my link you get 25 Points!
Fill out just a short list of information and a couple
of surveys, refer others and GET FREE BOOKS!
(Real hard things like Join The Birthday Club LOL!)
I got 85 points yesterday! I get 10 for telling You!
Books as low as 35 points!! I am saving up for 100!


 If you have a blog you can apply & review
books for them! I was approved today and
requested my first book! I want to read it,
review it and tell EVERYONE about it
and then 'gift' it to my Granddaughter. 

Izzy has Super Hero Reading Powers!!


Faith Links
Christian bloggy ladies
Christian Bloggy Ladies

I wanted to do this but just did not have the discipline.
It would have been fun & maybe next year!

Another one for next year?
Really awesome!

Cost: $0.00
Just click & Sponsor Pays

Their project now:
Lets go to work!! :-)


I found this web site and really liked reading there. It is a magazine (online) but you can also subscribe to it and had it delivered to you home. I will just read it online. 

They also have a facebook page: 

I 'Liked' this page to stay up to date!

Christian bloggy ladies

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