Thursday, December 5, 2013

Help Helping Helped (Jam 3)

4 little letters.
 (You have to watch those 4 letter words!)

I can help YOU!

Being a mom was so fulfilling!
I got to  help my children,  
and it rocked my world.
help helping helped...

 My (now ex) husband had 7 knee surgeries and I helped him.
Months into years...
help helping helped...

I went to work... Loved the job!
I got to help people with 'issues'.
What a cool word! I am an issue fixer...

"Hi! My name is Patty! How can I help you today?" 
help helping helped...

Makes you feel wanted, needed and valued.
Gives you a feeling of self worth.
help helping helped...

Kids grew.
Husband left.
I got COPD.
(watch those 4 letter words!)

Kids did not  need my help.
Husband no longer wanted my help.
Trouble breathing, can't work, can't help.
No more help helping helped.

Now I am the one that needs help. At first I would do without instead of asking for it. I am the helper. How can the helper need help? Isn't that kind of wrong??

My health has gradually gotten worse. It has been 13 years now and it is still a struggle for me to ask for help. I lost 60 pounds before I asked for help with my every other day health care visits. And now that I have them? They are such a blessing.

God is teaching me that it is okay to ask for help. People cannot read my mind and know what I need. 

If it blessed me to be able to help others... why am I stingy, not allowing them to be blessed?

I am learning that asking for help is a blessing to both parties! My MaryBeth feels great as she does a wonderful job and I always let her know what it means to me. She goes above and beyond... making me feel special. We have become great friends. It is not easy but it is getting better. 

Am I learning? I actually picked  up the phone the other day and called a neighbor for help. It amazed me! She was not home and I ended up working on it myself... but... I was going to ask!

Helped Helped Helped
and I survived.

Ask for help.

Love to you,


  1. I think it's the hardest for helpers to ask for help. But I'm glad you shared about learning to receive help (although I'm sorry you had to). It does us all good to be in the help-ee position some too.

  2. Thank you for stopping by Lisa :-) I never realized that asking for help and thanking people could make a person feel good. I was always thinking I would be a bother or a burden. Live and Learn from God :-)

    Love, Patty