Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bedtime Prayers Review

Bedtime Prayers that end with a hug (Share-a-Hug)
by Stephen Elkins (Author) and Ruth Zeglin (Illustrator)
Tyndale House Publishers 2014, 168 pages, Hardcover Padded, $14.99

Bedtime Prayers is written for ages 3 to 5 but can be read to all ages. I can think of no better way to introduce your little one to God and prayer!

There are 52 different prayers. Each covers one of the many different issues that the little ones face in their day to day life. Being afraid of the dark, visiting the sick, obeying parents and a prayer about patience is just a small sample.

Each night there is very short Bible verse, a cute little rhyme to help them remember, a snuggle time subject, bedtime Bible thought and a hug a bye prayer. All short so it keeps your little one engaged. Beautifully illustrated with things your child will love to look at over and over. Last but not least is the hug time!

A Pretty Sample!

Bedtime Prayers is a warm and loving way to share the goodness of God plus God’s love and your love for them. It will be cherished as it remind them of time spent with you.
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Tyndale House Publishers provided this book for an honest review. I did enjoy it! I am going to send it to Izzy (age 4). Mom and Dad can read it to her. Later on Izzy can read it to her baby sisters Sammi and Evee (age 4  months!) It will be a well read book enjoyed by many! I highly recommend it!

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