Saturday, October 19, 2013

Worn Out & Happy!

I was going to search for a cute photo to post today and explain why I am TIRED... again :-)

It is because I went to Walmart yesterday and saw my son!

 Isn't he soooo good looking?
He is my heart!!

I used to do it about once a week or bi-weekly but I have slowed down somewhat... so it is a real treat for both of us when I do it now. I think I only made it about once or twice the entire Summer, so you know it is now unusual!

He is Manager of Tire and Lube Express (TLE). I go early and pop in to let him know that I am there and find out what time to come back for lunch. (He knows I am coming prior to this as I arrange for him to give me a ride home.)

Then off I go to explore! I search out clearance items. Not because I am so very poor... but because I enjoy a good bargain! Oh the goodies I have snagged!! I check out whats new too... have to keep up with the times you know. Half the time I don't know what I am looking at but we won't tell anyone that!

So... at lunch time (just LIKE mom he takes it as late in the day as possible ~ that way when you get back? It is not very long before you go home. Now I realize it makes the 'morning' longer but I was never able to talk myself out of it! LOL!!) Walmart has a Subway so that is what we had yesterday. Other times? We go to the deli and pick out or food and head to the patio or that area.

When it is nice out, or in the Spring when it is still not so nice, we go to the outside patio. We sit in chairs that are for display (buy~able even) and talk, laugh and actually remember to eat. He got my warped since of humor too! I am so proud. One day, early Spring, it was still a bit nip. They had a patio fire pit type thing sitting right there. I cracked him up when I asked it we could use that too!! :-)

Then back to work he goes. Usually less than an HOUR is left. That is when I go to the grocery side and pick out food. Yesterday it was basically snack food. It is hard to have others pick out snacks when they shop for you. I mean how do they know exactly what sounds good that day??

Then he packs me and my treasures (pretzels and bacon yesterday!) into the car and drives me home. He gets me and my packages unloaded and back to the apartment safely. Then a hug (two this week!) and off he goes home.

I really enjoyed my day. I really did get all worn out. He has moved about 30 miles away and is looking for work there so I don't know how many Walmart lunches we have left. I was wondering if I would even be able to shop there, after he is gone. Then I remember, God is with me and will take care of me and someone has to buy those bargains!

Now... when I went to search for a tired picture.... as I did the other day after my doctor's appointment I realized that God and my daughter had already blessed me with two. I found these this morning when I got on facebook. And I think this is the best of all tireds!

This is how they were put down for their nap.
Sammi is already down for the count.

Evee thought Mom had it wrong though...

There! All better! Night~Night!

I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderful weekend!


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