Monday, January 27, 2014

(in)courage groups

Today is The Day!

Last Fall I signed up for my first (in)courage group. If you have never been in one I encourage every one to get over there today as spots are filling up fast. There are many groups and you will find that you can fit into more than one! I got carried away and joined 3! Here is the list of groups!

Bible Study Gals

Empty Nesters/Women Over 50





Single/Professional Women

Special Care

Students Educators


Each 'subject' has one or more groups listed for you to join. I hope you find something that fits you! They try to keep each group to 30 and set up a group on face book so that we can care and share with each other. 

Many times when the group ends? You have made some great friends. Our group stayed open until today when the new groups started forming. Please visit and see if there is something that grabs at your heart strings!

Love, Patty

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  1. I love the writing group! I have made some great friends, I know that you will, too!