Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Loves!

Well I must say it has been some time... I have been gone from my blog again but my family and friends have been on my mind. I just was not satisfied with what I was doing. I was not doing enough. 

I know I kept saying that I was frazzled from signing up to do too many things. I was searching for something without even knowing it.

I started this blog to learn more about God AND more about talking to him... with prayer. I keep running into 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. God cannot be any blunter than that! :-) And I do try to talk to him all the time. (Never realized how much a mind could wander so it is a job working on that!)

But basically I ended up just sitting here praying for myself and the few who ask for it on facebook. I felt pretty self~centered to tell you the truth! 


1. I am unhappy with my blogging. 2. I want to pray more. 3. I delight in helping others and I would love to be more delightful. Duh! I am so slow sometimes! A prayer (A WHOLE pocket full of them!) website. :-) Cool Beans God!! Thank you so very very much!

And I want to share! You can join in and pray too!

I have created 2 pages ~ two different pages ~ 2 very different forms :-) THAT was fun LOL!! I am not even going to try to get them to look alike as I have already spent too much time tweaking them :-) God says I do not have to be perfect and I am taking that to heart!

Page/Form One ~ Request a Prayer. (That sounds so funny to me as back, way back, in the old days they had dial a prayer! You called a number and got a pre recorded prayer everyday.) When you need a prayer just fill out the form  and it will pop right into my inbox and off we go!

Page/Form Two ~ Become a Pocket Prayer Partner! Just go to that form and fill in your first name and email address. You will receive prayer requests that I get during the day. I promise NOT to flood your inbox. I will save them and send them out once a day ~ Unless someone has a huge emergency... then I would just send you an email.... 

I want to assure everyone. I only ask for first names and that is all that will be used. It will be posted on this web site and prayer partners will receive the post when it is published. An example would be:

Patty needs prayers for her daughter. She has to return to work on the 18th and leave her babies with day care again.

Just simple like that. Not the last name, not where you live and I would never sell an email address! I like Spam but only in the kitchen where it belongs. (That is a true prayer request too. I know her heart is breaking already...)

I even have 2 cute buttons that I made. I am going to share them here... you can just copy them and link to me, if you like. That is my next project. Learning how to have a box with code on it so people can grab the html. Someday :-)

Link this to: 
Please and Thank you!

AND if you become a Prayer Partner:

Please link to this post:
Please and thank you for this too!

I guess that is all for today. I hope you like my idea and that you will want to ask or to say (or both) a prayer... Gods waiting :-)

Love to you and yours,
Don't forget to check out my wandering page! More great things!

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