Thursday, November 21, 2013

Joining In (Jam 2)
(Photo by Ian Parker click pic to visit)

Joined & Blessed

I am not a joiner. I do not 'do' join. I once was programed to join but life erased my hard drive and then uploaded solitary. It is very hard to sit here, every day and reprogram myself. I am not a programer. God is doing it in His own way and in His own time.

God knows I desire to join in.

To put or bring into close association or relationship

To connect

To meet and merge with

To become a part or member of

To come into the company of

To participate with in an act or activity

I take innocent ideas and create monsters. I take up blogging (again). And judge myself to be lacking.

Join others who blog and see their beautiful words and blogs. And judge myself to be lacking.

And I join. Everything. To become BETTER.

Join, compare, judge.

And God teaches me that I am joining in too many things so I can get overloaded and lay in bed depressed, therefore not doing anything at all. Alone again, naturally.

And God reminds me that I am just as a child, starting out, not expect to be perfect. Because there is no perfection besides Him. Just be me and enjoy that. Be wacky if wacky is what my spirit needs.

And I quit joining. And just do what I 'feel' needs to be done.

I had planned to skip this Thursday. This prompt. All I could think of was my Thanksgiving would be so different than what most people have. But my heart wanted to join in. So I read Bonnie's post. She was not asking for my Thanksgiving. She was asking about my giving Thanks.

Even though my journey is not exactly like others, God blesses me everyday and shows me I have something in common with most. I no longer want to be like others. I am learning to be happy in my own skin. 

My posts may not be filled with quotes from the Bible.... but the verses run though my head and heart if I am blogging or not. All day long... and I am blessed. I can be cooking, playing with my Peanut (my beloved Chihuahua companion that gives me unconditional love, just like God) or even playing a game on  my Kindle and the Bible, God's words, flow all around me.

be blessed.


PS I stumbled upon a link that I had tucked away and thought you might like to see it too... please check my new page From Your Father  for a love letter from God. :-) I love you!!


  1. I get this. I am so glad you did link up. Not to offer some great wisdom. You offered yourself and I enjoyed what I read. Meeting you in this post is one more thing for me to be thankful for today!

    1. :-) They tell me to write what I know. I realized that I do not know wisdom. I write from the heart and try to do humor on the side when it fits in. Thank you for stopping by honey! Love to you and Happy Thanksgiving! Patty

  2. {{{hug}}} I'm so glad I checked back in after our conversation, because I love the thought you shared here. It is so true that we're often asked to join ... just to join ... join ... be with us! So frustrating, sometimes.

    I don't like the shallow nature of that kind of joining.

    But how refreshing to find myself in a conversation with you after sharing a piece of my heart into the void of the internet. I love that kind of joining ... finding myself next to someone along the way. I'm thankful for this connection. And thank you for conversing with me a little. That is a rare gift.

    1. Oh thank you darlin! I was join join join so I could learn from others how to be perfect. :-) Silly me! Nice to have met you too!! Hugs, Patty & Peanut