Sunday, March 9, 2014

Prayer Wall!

My blog has not yet become world famous. Which is ok. I don't do real well with attention. LOL! I have been a little sad (okay a lot sad) because my pocket has not become full with other people's needs so that I could pray for them. They are on Facebook asking for prayers. How do I know this? Because I am on Facebook instead of blogging. :-)

God told me not to fret so I have really been feeling guilty when my mind runs away from me and starts lamenting. As soon as I realize what it is doing I make it behave and apologize to God. Again. I am pretty sure he understands. He is used to me. 58 years of mind wandering!

This morning God talked to me. He does that when I wake up and lay STILL and LISTEN instead of running for the bathroom or the fridge for a drink. I am so  happy I listened this morning as he told me what I should do! Build a wall!!

Stop worrying and do. Kind of like that baseball field...they will come. So that is what I am going to be doing! As I read my friends posts and find a prayer request I am going to put them here on my wall. And post it everyday. As my health allows it.

First names only.... I believe in privacy. I figure the more people praying for you... the better you will feel. I mean you will have to feel the LOVE no matter the results of the prayers. We will leave the results to God and not try to mess with that!

And as always,... you Can visit me... and read my wall. Or not. You can sign up to get an email once a day (or twice if there is an extreme emergency!) of my posts. If you sign up for the email you will be a prayer partner... I even built a form for it one day.

If you don't want your prayer on my wall.... just let me know and I will take it down. But I figure... who doesn't want a prayer said. I should be pretty safe posting them. 

And remember... God does love you no matter how dark it gets. And I love you too and I am praying for everyone!

Love, Patty

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